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Welcome to WaterCloud™

WaterCloud™ produces unlimited, pure, delicious drinking water by extracting life sustaining moisture from the air you breathe. Our machines utilize proprietary technology along with elegance in design and efficiency within the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

We here at WaterCloud™ know that water itself is the most important organic compound on Earth. Yet, the World over, pure, uncontaminated drinking water is becoming harder and harder to come by. Since municipal water systems worldwide are becoming more contaminated by the day corporations are exploiting this to create global dependency on bottled water. It simply does not have to be this way since there is more water in the air than in our Oceans. WaterCloud™ taps into that vast reservoir that nature has provided us with, bringing forth not only convenience, but that peace of mind knowing you are drinking the purest water available on the planet today.

Nature wanted water to be accessible, clean and abundant for everyone...and so do we.