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WaterCloud International is part of US based next generation advanced technology company Quantum Age Corporation based out of Irvine, California, USA. QAC has a highly diversified portfolio of disruptive technologies.

Through QAC Asia Pacific we offer a diversified technology portfolio that will benefit humanity. From e-Mobility to Global Wellness and Quantum Technologies, we bring the best out of each product and technology into the global quantum market place. WaterCloud International currently facilitates the distribution of the technology with QAC Asia Pacific in putting in place the building blocks for QAC Quantum Marketplace Economy.

Being the first Next Generation AI Global Quantum Marketplace, our team at QAC USA, consists of the world's most influential scientists, experienced medical doctors, successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives.

QAC employees and advisors worked at, teaching, and or educated at MIT, Harvard, Caltech, University of Pennsylvania, UCI, USC, UC Berkeley, Rice University, Yale and Stanford.

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Vision: Empowering Life Mission: Enabling Everyone to Live Life Joyfully

QAC's Quantum Marketplace Economy comprises of 5 ecosystems of disruptive companies to empower the Quantum Age and Life

  • e-Mobility & Transportationa
  • Power & Renewable Energy
  • Global Health & Wellness
  • Security & Sustenance
  • Quantum Marketplace

The QAC Quantum Marketplace Economy is already making an impact on many communities around the world. Since Covid-19 impacted the global order, adapting to the Quantum Marketplace Economy will grant access to a whole new dimension for the delivery of product and services.

The global food, health, mobility and financial distribution of wealth will take on a new digital form that will benefit humanity.

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